9 Months Old!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy holidays to you and yours! If you haven't noticed, we've been a bit busy over here at our house. I've missed blogging tremendously, but I  didn't want to throw in a pity-post, so I'm here to tell you that I'm back for good! I've been crocheting like a crafting fiend, and I'm hoping the Etsy shop will be up and running here shortly, so keep an eye out for a post all about that. :)

In other news, my sweet baby Clara is 9 months old! When did that happen?

Recently enjoyed things:

-Awkward army crawling (video to come shortly for  your enjoyment)
-Eating "big girl food"... table scraps... whatever you want to call it... we're slowly moving deeper into the solid food category
-Seven teeth! That's right, people! My little girl has 7 teeth, hence the big girl food.
-Moving into 9 month clothing... slowly. She's straddling the line between 6 and 9 month clothes... which is kind of a big deal since she's been in 6 month clothing since 4 months.
-Seventeenth percentile on the growth chart, weighing in at a whopping 17.5 lbs! 1 pound larger than my 3-month-old nephew.
-Favorite songs: Row-row-row your boat, and All the Pretty Little Horses.
-Favorite books: The Little Engine That Could, and Like Mommy Does.
-New (first) words uttered this month: MAMA!!!!! and ball.
-Best friend: Triple tie between my mom, Kris Porter, and Landon Griffin.
-Favorite xmas gift: wrapping paper/tissue paper or anything she puts in her mouth.
-More weird behavior: "shakes" her head no often, does not stop moving her hands during meal-time, awkward army crawling.
-Developmental developments: signs "more" and "eat", claps hands and stands up (with help) on command.

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