A Day Off at Our House

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well, I wanted to give you an outline of a typical day for us. But on a typical day, I'm working. In the spirit of holiday break, I'll give you a general idea of what we do on a day off.

8-9:30ish A.M.- Clara wakes me up via the baby monitor. Normally, she babbles, but sometimes I get woken up with cries. I change her diaper and take her downstairs to get some coffee (made the night before, of course, and set on a timer) and make a bottle. Clara and I come back to my bed, and she watches Mickey Mouse while drinking her bottle and I have time to drink my coffee, pee, and do things on the interwebs for 5 minutes.

9:30-10ish A.M.- We go out in the living room and Clara and I pull ALL the toys out of her toy basket and proceed to play with them all.

10-11ish A.M.- About a half hour after finishing her bottle, Clara is STARVING for breakfast. And she lets you know it. She proceeds to eat about 8 ounces of baby food (equivalent to 2 jars) and normally eggs and cheerios. Sometimes toast and yogurt as well. I feed her all organic products for the most part. If we're at home, she eats homemade baby food, but if we're away she eats Earth's Best organic baby food. (Earth's Best is a wonderful company. We also use Happy Baby organic, and Plum Organics for Clara's "puffs" and "crunchies".) Anyway, the kid can eat. I don't know where she puts it all.

11 A.M.-1:30ish P.M.- After a late breakfast, Clara gets cleaned up and we read a few books. She goes down for her first nap between 11 and 11:30 and sleeps for about 2 hours. I get to work on my crocheting, clean (usually what I do), pick up Clara's toys, eat something, blog. etc.

1:30-2ish P.M.- Clara wakes up and she's always so smiley and happy. She has her second bottle and then we dump out her basket of toys (again) and play until we can't play anymore.  Sometimes we watch SpongeBob.

2-3ish P.M.- Clara eats again. Normally she has applesauce and some other fruit mixed with cereal. Sometimes eggs again. "Crunchies". Soup. LOVES potatoes. etc. Basically, it's yet another feast. And yes, it does take an hour.

3-5ish P.M.- We play some more and read more books, then Clara goes down for her second nap. I never want to give up nap time. It's the best.

5-6ish P.M.- When she wakes up (all smiles), she eats again. Big surprise, huh? No bottle this time, she goes straight for the food. She eats less at "dinner" time than she does during her other two meals during the day. For "dessert", she teethes on a rice rusk.

6-8ish P.M.- Clara has a bath (which she loves) and we play. At some point during this time, Clara has a bottle. We play a ton, and read more books.

8-9ish P.M.- Clara goes to bed between 8 and 9, and yes she sleeps for about 12 hours + naps. It's kind of ridiculous.

After Clara goes to bed, I do dishes, laundry, take a shower, clean up her toys and relax before doing it all again the next day.

And that's our typical day! Soon, I'll do a typical work day.

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Rina@CuteCoconut said...

hmmm I guess it is very common, mommy me time is always late at night :) My typical day is also almost similar only crazier as I have two boys (2 and 3) and no matter how much I pick up the toys, tidy them up, it will be scattered on the floor. So normally I only pick them up once a day when I do my vacuuming and mopping :)

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