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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting closer. We find out the sex in less than two days!!! ahhh! I'm beyond excited, but trying to savor my last few moments of not knowing. As of right now, I can't refer to the baby as "he" or "she". I'm not thinking of toys, and interests, and names according to gender. Only according to this little being inside of me that I'm becoming more attached to every second.
My sister gave me some good advice last Monday when I was upset about not getting an ultrasound and knowing the sex. She said don't speed through your pregnancy, you'll regret it when it's over. SO TRUE and the BEST advice I've gotten since I got pregnant. Never again will I feel this baby's flutters and kicks. Never again will I have the same fears, excitement, and newness that come with being a first-time mom. Also, I definitely will not get the same attention from my boyfriend, friends, or family. From the birth on out, it will be, "how's the baby" and everyone saying hi to the baby first. (I'm totally guilty of doing it with my niece and nephew, and I know the same will happen to me). This is the last time that I can watch a movie uninterrupted, or sleep through the night (at least for a few months), or have "me" time whenever I want it. I am so so so excited to meet this little person, and devote all of my time to him or her, but for now, I need to be selfish. I need to pamper myself, because in a few months (145 days to be exact) it's definitely not about me anymore. Not for the rest of my life.

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Rachel Gabrielle said...

oh my god. yes. savor every moment of that little miracle kicking and fluttering away inside you. savor every little everything. be present. be here now. savor each and every feeling and moment and breath. savor every time that little munchkin makes you have to pee so bad you can't stand it.
savor every twitch and giggle. savor it all.
i. love. you.

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