Pregnancy Things,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've noticed the last few days that my hair is shiny and thicker, and that my nails are growing longer and stronger. YAY! Yay for prenatal vitamins and extra estrogen! The very very bad thing is that I stand for around 6 hours straight at work. My feet are already swelling and growing. Any shoe with arch support creates pressure points because my feet have widened. Shoes with no support... well, have no support. Halfway through hour three, I'm limping and doing calf raises just to get the pressure off of my heels. I have two gel inserts for each shoe, and I've tried using zero, one, and two inserts in 3 pairs of shoes that I rotate using. I've soaked my feet in hot water, gotten (rare) foot massages from my boyfriend because I only see him on the weekends, and attempt to give myself foot massages. NOTHING WORKS! If you have any suggestions of how I can better make it through the day, PLEASE let me know!

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