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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I haven't posted since Janurary!? Say what!? That's ridiculous. Five months of ridiculous. I've missed the blog, but I've been so busy. Here's a recap of what's been going on lately...

I was working from home a day per week, and driving 120 miles a day the other four days. Finally, in March, I moved! I live in Grand Rapids, MI now, and I can say I prefer city living to the country life. I moved in with a co-worker. She has a three-year-old little girl, which has been great to Clara. They have grown to love (and fight) like sisters. The best part about this move, is now I'm only about 25 minutes away from work instead of an hour away. I have an in-home nanny now, which is awesome. And she is wonderful.
The worst part is that there are two (yes, two!) Target stores within 10 minutes of my house. It's kind of the best part, too. But my checkbook doesn't think so.

At the end of March, Clara turned TWO! And believe me, we've hit the sassy terrible twos. I don't like them. However, it is really cool to see Clara grow into her own personality. Her language development has grown in leaps and bounds. She loves playing at the park, being a "mama" to her "babies", water...playing in it, drinking it, walking through it... anything! She's extremely empathetic and caring. We've half-attempted potty training with no success... I just don't think she's completely ready yet. I moved Clara into a big-girl bed when she started climbing out of her crib. It made bedtime much more of a chore, so we switched back to the crib and she stayed put.

Work is going wonderfully. I've hit my stride this spring, and I feel very lucky to be doing so well. Working out has been going awesome as well. I've been faithfully sticking to a training schedule, and it's paying off. Slowly, mind you. But still worth it.
On June 22nd, I'm doing my first race in 3 years. I'm nervous, but looking forward to it at the same time.

It has been almost 7 months since Clara's dad and I ended things. And I've recently started to feel ready. For what? I'm not sure. But I will nervously admit that I have a guy now. Boyfriend? Significant other? Whatever terminology you want to use, please fill in. But he's great. Great for Clara, and wonderful for me. It's been a tough road. It's never easy to get over betrayal in a relationship, and move on without difficulty. I have trust issues. I have walls up. But he's slowly bringing them down. I'm starting to trust again. So we'll see how this goes. :) Stay tuned!

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