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Friday, March 9, 2012

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1. How to Clean Your Car Headlights- I saw this yesterday and immediately tried it! It helped! Mine were so bad that you couldn't tell when the brights were on.

2. How to Make a Cookie in a Cup!- In the MICROWAVE! Fantastic! Sometimes, you have a craving for cookies, but I know that if I have a batch sitting around, I'll eat 'em. This is a much better idea. Let me know how yours turn out.

3. Is it Okay to Ask if Someone's Kids Are Adopted?- Being an adopted child, I'm still the same race as my parents. So it definitely wasn't obvious. We even look a lot alike. But it would really bother me when people would say "you definitely take after your dad", or, "you have your mom's eyes". Because I didn't. It was a little twist of the knife. I still struggle when people tell me that I look nothing like my sisters (who are basically twins).

4. Younger Girls Are Eager to Wear More Make-Up- Clara, don't even think about it.When did you (will you) let your daughter wear make-up?

5. Moms Can be Fired for Pumping at Work- I had no idea. And I'm not 100% sure I trust this article. Your thoughts?

6. An Unlikely Love Letter- Keep the tissue box handy- I cried like a baby reading this one.

7. I Don't Care if My Kids Go to College- I can relate. Is a 4 year degree really worth 20 years of debt?

8. 9 Months in 90 seconds- Cute little video!

9. Jessica Simpson Bares Her Bump, Confirms It's A Girl- Talk about photoshop!

10. 31 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep and Stay Asleep- Great tips!

Also, you should check out this video!


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Ash Griffin said...

Lilly wears play make up!! Lol. I think high school age for starting to wear make up?? Maybe depends in the kid and their maturity! Sometimes landon gets into my make up lol.
And you can't get fired for pumping, It is a law that employers have to allow you to pump, they can actually get in. trouble if they don't have a clean private place with a sink for nursing mothers

Sean Marie said...

So many great articles to check out! I don't have a problem if my daughter goes to college or not. As long as she's happy and has a good life, drug free, then I don't see why a conventional lifestyle is necessary. Thanks for sharing! I'm checking out the link about sleeping!

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