Clara Leanne Turns 1!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This past Sunday, we had a beautiful birthday party for Clara. Every plan was executed perfectly (which never, ever happens) and we were surrounded by friends and family. Thank you to all who came to celebrate a year full of smiles, tears, learning and love. <3

Photos were taken by a wonderful local photographer, Emily Goodemoot. Check out her facebook page!

She literally picked frosting up between her thumb and finger. You can see her finger lines in the frosting.

I wish she had this headband on for all her pictures, but she wouldn't keep it on.

Washing off all the cake.

She's so proud of herself. :-)


I've never seen her make a face like that before!

All the family and friends that came to celebrate Clara's birthday. She is loved! <3

I made the pinwheels using a DIY tutorial on Pinterest, and I got the straws at Heliotrope Home.

I made her cake myself (pretty proud of it!) but I got the idea off Pinterest.

I made the cupcakes myself :) The custom banner was made by the Avis and Iris Etsy Shop. I was able to choose my colors and it was extremely affordable!

Her eyes are blue or green, depending on the lighting.

SOOO many presents! Thank you to everyone! Clara loves them all!

Just to repeat, I did not take these pictures. (I wish I had skills like Emily, though!)

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