It's a GIRL!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We were so excited today! I kept telling Lee last night, "tomorrow we'll know!". I tried sooo hard to remember exactly how I felt, still unaware of the sex of our baby. But I was just so darn excited!
I had to drink 32 oz. of water an hour before my ultrasound (which ended up being like 30 minutes before my ultrasound), and I had to pee SOOO bad the entire time. We brought my mom with us, and she waited in the lobby for the majority of the exam. They had a flat panel monitor in front of me, so I could see the ultrasound while laying on the exam table. It is so amazing every time we get an ultrasound, and catch a glimpse of our little bean.
The ultrasound tech did the best she could to get measurements, but our little girl is a stubborn one! She was facing head down and facing my back... so many of the measurements and pictures were difficult to get. She asked us if we had any preferences as to the sex of the baby. I said that Lee definitely wanted a boy, and that I didn't care either way, but have been pretty sure since the beginning that the baby was a girl. She said that the moms are usually right. (It's an instinct thing). About 10 minutes later, she said, "well, one of you is going to be really happy." And I said, "it's a boy, isn't it?". NOPE. Sure enough, there was no lil thing sticking between the legs. We have ourselves a little baby girl.
Lee looked pretty excited... and a little overwhelmed. But he was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of our appointment. I didn't think I cared either way, but when she told us it was a girl, I started crying. :) I couldn't help it. I'm hormonal.
The tech had me empty half of my bladder (which is much more difficult to do than it sounds), and I tried to move around a bit. I kinda did mini jumping jacks in the bathroom to get her to turn. The tech had me lay on my back, my left side, and my right, and she still wouldn't budge!
We then called in my mom so that she could see the ultrasound. She also tried to coax the baby out of her comfy position (which included her arms, and sometimes feet, curled up by her head). But my mom said that if she's stubborn like me, she's not gonna move. And she didn't.
Her kidney function, digestive system, and size all seemed normal. I'm definitely breathing a sigh of relief that all is well (and apparently comfy) inside my uterus.

Now I'm just excited to meet our baby girl!

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