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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love being pregnant! I love feeling the little bean's kicks, and yesterday I a felt hiccups for like an hour straight! I cannot wait to meet her.
Scratch that. I can.
I've been having a rough time working. Being on my feet for 8-9 hours 5-6 days straight is not going well with this little girl. I've been experiencing excruciating round ligament pain. I try to walk around the house, or at work, and get the pain to go away. The walking helps me to cope with the pain, but it really just takes time to go away. I had it bad this weekend, and after pacing up and down the hall for 20 minutes, I laid on my bed with a heating pad while Lee rubbed my back, and that seemed to help.
I'm just so tired of this pain, and it's making me really anxious that she's going to come early. Which I've decided is NOT going to happen. I could never forgive myself. A woman at work told me that she was born when her mom was 6 months pregnant with her, at 2 pounds 13 ounces. NOT acceptable, especially seeing that I'll be hitting the 6 month mark on Sunday.
Scary. Very scary.
On a lighter note, I've been eating SOOOO much food! Thank God I've only gained 14 lbs thus far, especially considering my junk food cravings. There really are no cravings to speak of at the moment. Mostly, I drink a lot. That didn't come out right. I've been very thirsty for non-alcoholic beverages. I've been going at the chocolate milk and orange juice pretty hard.

Food craving break-down:
Weeks 0-5: No idea I was pregnant, so I didn't pay attention.
Weeks 5-10: In Hawaii... fresh fruit, cereal, milk, toast, vegetable sushi.
Weeks 10-15: Back home... CANDY! -mostly sour, fast food, french fries with a TON of vinegar.
Weeks 15-20: Pizza, chili cheese freetos, chinese food, bagels and cream cheese.
Weeks 20-present: goat cheese! mmmmmm! grilled cheese sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, cereal, orange juice, chocolate milk.

There's a trend here.... I haven't been a big fan of meat. ALL throughout my pregnancy. I just don't want it.

I've started to get some little pink things around. Addie Hayes gave me a whole tote of the cutest baby clothes, and some of her sons' toys that they don't play with anymore. THANKS ADDIE! Auntie Rachel has gotten the little one a little puppy stuffed animal that is adorable. My mom got her 5 little pink outfits that are adorable! As well as little socks that say I love mommy and I love daddy :) and a pink blanket.
I'm already getting sick of pink!
Oh well, I had better get used to it!

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Rachel Gabrielle said...

a. your kid is going to get confused with auntie rachels but that was mostly an afterthought of...

b. your kid is gonna be a vegetarian like her favorite auntie :)

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