Friday, July 8, 2011

So, this is kind of random, and has nothing to do with the bean or the bf. It has to do with my sorority sisters. I've been feeling very alone without them recently. I have this... sticky feeling (as in it won't go away) lately that they don't like me anymore. My entire world was Alpha Phi. My relationships, friends, school work, work, and money revolved around the sorority. I put in everything I had... And since I've done that, I feel used up. I understand that a lot of people feel that way after having a baby. That their friends don't have anything in common with them anymore because now they have all of this responsibility. But I think it started before that. My sisters used to be everything to me, and I don't quite understand what happened. I love them with all of my heart, but I don't feel like I'm apart of them anymore. I feel shut out. On the outside. Abandoned. As if the one I love left me for a younger woman. It sucks. I just want my family back. I never went a day without seeing at least one of them, and now I go weeks? Unacceptable. I don't understand. I just want my sisters back. Please, whatever I did, let me just make things right. I'm completely lost without my family. No one is excited to see me anymore. There are no hugs or catching up. It's polite small-talk at best. Where are the women I listened to for hours and who let me cry on their shoulders? I don't feel like I'm apart of a family anymore. I've been disowned and I just want to come back.

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