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Monday, December 6, 2010

Many things have happened in 2010.
Started dating the love of my life December 2009... and he was/is such a big part of 2010.
I had many failures and a few proud accomplishments.
Moved to Hawaii.
Found out we were expecting.
Moved back to Michigan.
Have met some interesting people.

Most of all, we made a baby. :)
It seems like I find out every day that 1 or 2 more people I know are pregnant. It seems as though another baby-boom generation has begun.
As Christmas is getting closer, I can't help being excited for taking the little 9/10 month old baby girl to go see santa, dressing her up in her bear-suit (as Lee calls it) to go out in the cold, and watching her stare at the Christmas lights and play with wrapping paper this time next year.
I can't wait for the years of childhood wonder of believing in the easter bunny, losing her first tooth, starting school, etc. I mean, it's quite a long way off... and if she's anything like mommy and daddy, she'll be afraid of santa, the easter bunny, clowns, mascots, and really anything in a costume... so I'm sure there will be lots of tears... but we'll tackle that when we get to it. After the holidays fly by, I get to look forward to getting bigger (I think while wincing), baby showers, being with Lee more, the birth of our little girl :), and being able to stay home with her for a couple months. I'm so excited to see this little person and feel my love grow for her each and every day.

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