Things that suck about being pregnant!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1. Shuffling around on dirty floors that you cannot bend down to mop. (Yes, I know they make mops on a stick, but I like to do it with a rag. Its the baseboards that are annoying me and you can’t get those with a stick mop.)

2. Uncomfortable chairs. Which is 98% of all chairs.

3. People who give you the “you should not be lifting that” look, but don’t offer to help.

4. Hairy legs that you cannot comfortably shave. I figure I have the strength and flexibility to shave just one more time. I am saving it for the night before Aunt Shel’s wedding.

5. Spending weeks making a beautiful nursery and then having nothing to do in there but sit in the rocking chair and say “Ho Hum.” I do that just about every night after we put Pookie and Geetle to bed, by the way.

6. Maternity clothes that you worry might not “make it.” I am 7 months along…and some of my maternity pants are a bit tight. I still have 2 months!

7. Seatbelts. Wear it below the belly, they say. Yeah, OK. What if your belly rests on the tops of your thighs when you drive. Do you tuck it under? That just hurts.

8. Not being able to play Pookie’s favorite game, which is a kind of human pin-ball game in which he pretends to bump into you and ricochet off.

9. Rolling over in bed. I need one of those monkey-bar things they hang over hospital beds, to give sick people something to grab onto when they maneuver in bed.

10. Not being able to sit on the floor and play puzzles with Geetle.

11. The fact that EVERY maternity shirt/dress seems to have a sash and bow that ties in the back. So, while I am trying to get comfortable in the chair, I have to worry about the gigantic fabric knot that is poking into my spine as well.

12. Trying to remember the EXACT last time I felt the baby kick, so I can determine if its been too long.

13. The fact that it is socially acceptable for everyone to tell a pregnant woman how tired she looks. Gee, thanks; that’s helpful. I think you look rude.

14. Standing up and literally feeling the waistband on my underwear roll slowly over my bump and down to my hip bones. Creepy.

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Rachel Gabrielle said...

totally didn't realize this wasn't your list until it became apparent at #6 b/c you're not seven month's along.

i wondered why bending and shaving your legs was so difficult at 14 weeks, and who Aunt Shel was... hahaha.

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